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Contracts for licencing, franchising and delimitation.

If you do not wish to exclusively exploit your property right, your work of art or your idea then licence agreements are required. We will draft the optimum licence agreement for you, taking into account how to best operate and terminate it. When we advise you on licence agreements we go through all relevant cases together with you.

Provisions with regard to licencing are also often necessary in other contracts, for example in distribution law, in the law on commercial agents, in franchising and in cooperation agreements. Whether you are the licensor or the licensee – you can rely on our support.

Agreements are also the right choice to amicably settle conflicts about trademarks, designs and other property rights. When property rights are registered complex collisions might occur due to an opposition. We will then analyse the countries concerned, the goods or services as well as the individual priorities. When negotiating preferential rights and delimitation agreements we try to assert your position and your interests to our utmost, taking into account all relevant aspects.

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