Greyhills Kernteam

We love to fight
for your rights.

Our lawyers are competent, highly motivated –
and know all the ins and outs.

Our lawyers are highly qualified, internationally trained, quick to react and agile. Several of our lawyers are specialists in intellecutal property law – with proven theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of intellectual property law. The lawyers of our firm have completed special supplementary training at universities abroad and have attained academic titles such as “Master of Laws” (LL.M.) or have worked in law firms or authorities abroad.

This massed wealth of knowledge and expertise distinguishes us as lawyers and Greyhills as a law firm. Our lawyers always speak your language. You can take this literally – we provide advice in German, English, French, Spanish, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian. We often work in interdisciplinary teams and regularly have talks between our offices. That way we make use of the accumulated expertise and experience of all lawyers to the benefit of our clients.
We are the managers of your interests – on an equal footing, always at your side.

We see ourselves as managers of your business interests. We work with our clients and their decision-makers on an equal footing always striving for a permanent cooperation based on partnership. This is our creed. Therefore, we have worked successfully with many of our clients in Germany and abroad as well as with our communicating counsels for many years.

Some battles cannot be won immediately. Sometimes opponents only lay down their arms in the course of a strategically planned litigation series or within mediation. On the one hand, we prove the ability and willingness to react immediately, for example within preliminary injunction proceedings. On the other hand, our lawyers have the necessary perseverance and tactical skills to handle complex, lengthy legal disputes.

Take a look at our success team:

Award: Greyhills is one of the best commercial law firms 2021 and 2022 for trademark and design law.

Examined and confirmed by Statista and the trade magazine ‘brand eins’, recommended by clients and colleagues alike:

Greyhills was voted repeatedly as one of the best commercial law firms, namley “Best Commercial Law Firms 2021” (brand eins/issue 16/2021, category ‘Trademarks/Designs’, Germany) and “Best Commercial Law Firms 2022” (brand eins/issue 23/2022, category ‘Trademarks/Designs’, Germany).

We are very pleased about the continued trust placed in us and would like to thank everyone who appreciates our commitment and our performance!