Glombitza Kick

No matter what –
we defend your rights.

Stategic IP litigation in all German courts. Coordination of cross-border litigation in foreign courts.

We argue and act strategically for you if you want to achieve superordinate goals – beyond success in one court case. So when we assert and defend your property rights in courts and trademark offices, we always bear in mind the numerous particularities applicable with regard to intellectual property law.

We take into consideration in which country and in which court your interests can be asserted best. We are always aware of the case law and local practices of the relevant courts as well as the territorial and substantive scope of your property rights and the requirement of genuine use of your trademarks. With the adequate wording of your motion we will set the course for your success in litigation.

We look beyond the individual court cases. One  court case might open another door for you to assert further rights. Or it might fundamentally clarify inconsistent case law in the trademark offices and courts – and thus establish new case law.

Our skills