Glombitza Kick

No matter what –
we defend your rights.

Protection against damage to reputation.

Yelp, Jameda, Google Places, Tripadvisor, Holidaycheck & Co. – the power of customer review portals is ever increasing. The rankings of companies and self-employed persons on review portals in the form of stars and scores have a significant influence on a business´ success or failure.

Whether it is a sushi restaurant, a dermatologist, a hotel or a fitness club – practically any business can be rated by users. Positive ratings increase sales and help you acquire new customers whereas negative ratings can damage the reputation of a business considerably.

We will fight for your good reputation also in the online world. We will ensure that your personality rights are protected – and those of your business. We will ensure that inadmissible comments and ratings will be prohibited. We are not afraid of taking action against the portals themselves. Also in court.

Our skills